Wellbeing services in a Marbella luxurious resort setting

“Nothing looks as good as health feels.”

Combining contemporary innovation with the power of ancient healing methods, our Wellness Center will help you achieve your objectives.

Our treatments:
Marbella Club Thalasso Wellness offers tailored facial and body treatments, therapeutic sessions and Thalassotherapy for complete rejuvenation and wellbeing.

Our rooms:
Individual treatment cabins, featuring luxurious linens, private showers and a relaxation terrace with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

“Nothing looks as good as health feels.” Combining contemporary innovation with the power of ancient healing methods, our Wellness Center will help you achieve your objectives. Our treatments: Marbella Club Thalasso Wellness offers tailored facial and body treatments, therapeutic sessions and Thalassotherapy for complete rejuvenation and wellbeing. Our rooms: Individual treatment cabins,…

“Nothing looks as good as health feels.”

Combining contemporary innovation with the power of ancient healing methods, our Wellness Center will help you achieve your objectives.

Our treatments:
Marbella Club Thalasso Wellness offers tailored facial and body treatments, therapeutic sessions and Thalassotherapy for complete rejuvenation and wellbeing.

Our rooms:
Individual treatment cabins, featuring luxurious linens, private showers and a relaxation terrace with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Marine Experiences

Marine Experiences

Thalasso Pool Treatments

Dynamic Seawater Pool Session

A variety of underwater high pressure jets, swan neck jets and jacuzzi beds, ideal to massage legs, neck and back. A wonderful experience that stimulates blood flow, relaxes muscular tension and improves your skin condition. 
60 min. € 40

Relaxing Aqua Massage

Based on the philosophy of Watsu, this aquatic massage invites you to float submerged in seawater. Experience complete relaxation. 
45min. € 100


Guided exercises by a personal trainer in our seawater pool designed to help strengthen your body. Tone your uscles and enhance your well-being.
20 min. € 50

Therapeutic aquagym

Individual session of guided exercises tailored to your needs by our physiotherapists.
20 min. € 60

Water-Jet & Multi-Jet Bath

Water-Jet & Multi-Jet Bath

Water-Jet Massage

High-pressure hose seawater massage to relief sore muscles and improve blood flow. Especially recommended for pre and post sport activities and for the prevention of cellulite.
20 min. € 60

Multi-Jet Bath

Individual seawater jet bath with algae and our exquisite selection of essential oils. Improves blood flow, relaxes muscular tension and detoxifies, leaving you in total relaxation.
20 min. € 60

Multi-Jet Bath with Magnesium

Individual seawater jet bath with several seawater hydromassage, algae and magnesium. An extraordinary support to help strengthen your immune system.
20 min. €90

Underwater Massage

Massage using a water jet directed by the therapist. Relieving and draining effect. Especially recommended to maintain relaxation and control blood pressure.
45 min. € 140 / with Magnesium € 170

Vichy Shower Treatments

Vichy Shower Treatments

MC Thalasso Vichy Detox

Two step massage under seawater rain, combining exfoliation using salts and oils and full body algae mask. Your skin will regain its natural balance after having removed dead skin cells and toxins.
75 min. € 170

Vichy Essential

Extremely relaxing warm seawater rain session with back exfoliation. Designed to reduce stress, hydrate the skin and improve blood flow.
20 min. € 60

Vichy Exfoliation

Stimulating skin detox consisting of exfoliation with salts and oils under the seawater rain. Highly recommended preceding other
body treatments.
45 min. € 110

Vichy Shower Massages

Vichy Shower Massages

Algae Massage

Unique massage using a full body algae mask under light seawater rain. Receive all the benefits from the algae through the hands of your therapist.
45 min. € 120

Marine Massage with Essential Oils

Relaxing massage with an exquisite selection of essential oils.Awaken your senses and relieve muscular tension.
45 min. € 120


Relaxing craneal massage under warm seawater rain. Acupressure on head, face, neck and shoulders soothes and rebalances the body.
20 min. € 70

Body Treatments

Body Treatments


Exfoliation prepares your skin and intensifies the results of following treatments. Add a bespoke body moisturiser and enhance the results even further. Choose from a great variety of body creams, lotions and natural oils.

Marine Exfoliation

Stimulating body exfoliation using natural marine salts, it restores the skin’s natural balance and removes dead skin cells. Smooth, visibly revitalised skin.

Enzyme Peeling

Exclusive body peeling using an active enzyme mask. Brightens and evens the skin tone; the skin is restored, oxygenated and able to heal and renew itself, leaving it moist and silky.

Essential Exfoliation

Revitalising body exfoliation with essential oils and marine extracts. Eliminates impurities, moisturizes and smooths the skin, leaving a general sensation of well-being.

Exfoliation with Alpine Rose

Body exfoliation with rhododendron, cembra pine, mallow & calendula water. Exceptional for sensitive skin.
50 min. € 130

Body Wraps

Body Wraps require some time of exposure to heat. Add a bespoke body moisturiser and enhance the results even further. Choose from a great variety of body creams, lotions and natural oils.

Seaweed Wrap

Classic body wrap improves the skin condition and helps to drain away accumulated toxins.

Marine Mud Wrap

Application of mineral rich mud to cleanse the pores and relax the muscles. Often used to ease arthritic and rheumatic pain.

Thalasso Wrap

Fresh wrap of highly concentrated seawater, rich in oligo-elements and minerals. All the benefits of seawater, remineralizing your skin and leaving a long-lasting sensation of well-being.

Alpine Rose

With rhododendron stem cells that have amazing capacity of resistance towards extreme temperatures and free radicals. Anti-age protection.
50 min. € 130

Intensive Body Treatments

Intensive Body Treatments

In Two or Three Steps

Detox & Draining

Application of a specific seaweed body wrap to drain toxins. Circulatory massage performed with an active serum with draining effect. Active help in the prevention of water retention, the effects are noticeable after the very first session.

Anti-Cellulite & Slimming

Activating concentrated liquid algae body wrap. Application of anticellulite serum and specific massage to optimise the slimming effect by stimulating fat burning. Direct action in the origin of cellulitis.

Anti-Cellulite & Firming

Slimming bands impregnated in highly concentrated phyto-marine active ingredients. Modelling massage to tone and refine your skin. Personalized treatment for especially rebel areas.

Lifting Anti-Age

Application of marine body mask, followed by a lifting and modelling massage. Helps to restructure the collagen, nourishing the skin and recovering its elasticity; a powerful solution for slackening skin.

Two-step treatments, 50 min. € 140
Three-step treatments: with exfoliation, 80 min. € 190

Specific Body Treatments

Specific Body Treatments

Alpine Rose Ritual

Holistic Ritual based on techniques of Chinese medicine. Exfoliation, specific massage and body wrap with rhododendron stem cells. Inner balance, energy and rejuvenation.
80 min. €180

Anti Jet-Lag

Unforgettable experience of total relaxation, combining the application of a spine mud wrap, relaxing scalp massage and reflexology foot massage. Eases stress.
50 min. € 130 / 80 min. € 180

Purifying Back Treatment

Deep cleansing, calming mask; a delicate massage allows your skin to recuperate its smoothness and softness.
We take care of your back hygiene.
50 min. € 120

Back Relaxation

Warm mud wrap followed by a massage to ease away muscular contractions. Excellent tension relief treatment.
50 min. €120

Technological Body Treatments

Technological Body Treatments

Pressotherapy - Ballancer

The area to be treated is introduced into an inflatable chamber and given a centripetal massage. This corrects fluid retention , improving both venolymphatic and cellulite structure. The treatment helps to eliminate toxins and stimulates
cell regeneration.
50 min. € 130


Exclusive ‘Indiba® Deep Beauty’ method with Proionic Technology. Stimulates intra and extracellular ion exchange and restores physiological and electrical cell activity. Activates biostimulation and microcirculation, promoting metabolic hyperactivation. Firming, toning and shaping, it also helps in the recovery of muscular injuries and the results are visible from the first session.
50 min. € 140 / 80 min. € 190


An exclusive Lipomassage performed with the Ergodrive head, equipped with independent motorized rollers. Gentle yet thorough in the elimination of fats, blood circulation is revitalized, lymphatic circulation and lipolysis reactivated. Stimulates the collagen and elastin production and firms slackening skin, re-sculpting the figure.
50 min. €140

Detox Lymphodrainer

Deep lymphatic drainage using suction. Special glass cups alternate depression and compression to reactivate blood circulation, stimulate skin oxygenation and tone the tissue. Toxins are eliminated and fat cells broken down, contouring and shaping the body while contributing to relieve pain.
50 min. €140 / 80 min. €190

Al-Andalus R Ituals

Al-Andalus R Ituals

An unforgettable escape for your senses, using the most exquisite ingredients from Africa:

Ghassoul, Argan Elixir, Honey, Ginger, Rose and Orange Flower Water and the finest Natural Oils. Our therapists’ hands will carry you to total wellbeing.

Oriental Delicious

Body Ritual in two or three steps: exfoliation (optional), nourishing body wrap and final body moisturizing with exquisite oriental products. For a smooth skin and a marvellous look.
50 min. € 130 / 80 min. € 180

Facial Beauty Elixir

The treasures of nature for an exclusive facial: honey, roses, dates, aloe vera, argan and its delicate perfumes.
50 min. € 130 / 80 min. € 180

Al-Andalus Thalasso

Starting with a Thalasso exfoliation in the Vichy shower and followed by the application of a rich honey mask, enjoy a nourishing aromatic bath; delight in an aromatic herbal infusion before a sublime, unique massage. An exceptional sensual escape that heightens your senses and wellbeing.
2hrs. € 250

Al-Andalus Ritual

Warm up in the Hammam and prepare your skin for exfoliation using Moroccan eucalyptus black soap under the seawater rain in our vichy shower; finish with an exquisite full body massage. The perfect ritual to awaken your senses and purify body and mind.
2hrs. € 250

Thalasso Al-Andalus de Luxe Ritual

Traditional purifying ritual in the Hammam, followed by a relaxing vichy shower; after enjoying an aromatic herbal infusion, continue with the sublime body massage and ‘Beauty Elixir’ facial. Restore your inner balance.
2hrs. 30 min. € 310



Magnesium Special

Personalized massage performed with marine magnesium, one of the more available and most active forms of magnesium. Cure for stress, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, muscle contraction…

Hot Stones

Holistic and balancing massage with essential oils and hot stones. Helps restore your mind/body balance and heightens your senses. Relaxing Massage (Optional Aromatherapy) Classic relaxation for body and mind. Alleviate muscle tension.

Deep Tissue

Helps improve dry skin and muscular contraction. Ideal to ease severe tension in the deepest tissues of the muscles and fascia. Especially recomended during stress situations and sports activity.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A specific massage to stimulate the lymphatic system and improve blood flow. Designed to gently drain away toxins
and refine the figure.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

An invigorating massage with anti-cellulite products helps your body get into shape by working on specific areas, smoothing and improving the appearance of your skin.
50 min. € 130 / 80 min. € 180

With Alpine Rose

Revolutionary anti-aging vitalizing massage based on phyto staminal alpine rose and alpine herbs extracts. Strengthens the cutaneous barrier and activates stem cells vitality.


Ancient holistic massage with warm oils based on the Indian philosophy: relaxation, well-being and inner harmony.


Oriental massage technique performed on a futon, stimulating energetic points and restoring your inner balance.
Frees your body’s energy flow.


Restore the inner balance of body, mind and spirit through pressure points, passive stretching and balancing movements. Performed in an oriental ambience.
50 min. € 130 / 80 min. € 180

Scalp Massage

Relaxing head, face, neck and shoulder massage with accupressure. Soothe and rebalance the body.
25 min. € 75

Therapeutic Treatments

Therapeutic Treatments


Our therapists will combine and adapt the techniques of physiotherapy and resources of Thalassotherapy to cover your needs.


Combination of diverse therapeutic techniques: mobilizations, stretching, joint and functional manipulations. To reactivate the mechanism of self-healing.


A traditional massage that focuses on the feet’s pressure points to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body. An experience to enhance your well-being.
50 min. € 140


Professional foot care and treatment of specific health conditions such as ingrown toenails or corns. Healthy feet improve your general wellbeing.
50 min. € 130

Facial Rituals

Facial Rituals


Performed with marine cosmetics, an excellent detoxifying treatment. Tailored to individual needs, it is also suitable for young skin.


A classic among facials, for harmonious natural skin beauty, includes deep cleansing, massage and a mask. Carefully suited to your personal needs.

For Men

Adapted to the specific needs of male skin. Personalised according to your skin type.

Alpine Rose

Age protect secret formulae for an “everyoung” skin. Helps to regenerate the skin cells and restore the natural cutaneous barrier. Specially indicated for sensitive skin.
50 min. € 130 / 80 min. € 180

Express Facial

Mini Facial tailored to your skin needs. For all skin types.
25 min. € 80

Lymphodrainer Facial

Combination of a deep yet delicate draining massage performed with special glass-cups and application of products with active antiaging ingredients. Detoxification and oxygenation of skin cells.
50 min. € 140 / 80 min. € 190


Exclusive “Indiba® Deep Beauty” method with Proionic Technology. Works from within stimulating intra and extra cellular ion exchange and restoring physiological cell electrical activity. Reduces wrinkles & expression lines, redefines facial contour.
50 min. € 140 / 80 min. € 190

Doctor Babor for Sensitive Skin

Efficient and immediate solution to a variety of skin problems that require special care. Sensation of comfort and wellbeing.
50 min. € 160

Doctor Babor Regenerating

Intensive regeneration of the skin, especially recommended after exposure to extreme conditions. Perfect synergy between dermo-medicine and nature.
50 min. € 160 / 80 min. € 210

Collagen Doctor Babor

With a high-tech active ingredient, collagen protein booster. Beautifying and visibly rejuvenating. An effective alternative to cosmetic surgery.

High Skin Refiner

Anti-aging facial treatment that restores the skin’s natural moisture and gives it new lasting vitality, resulting in a youthful appearance Reduce all existing signs of aging with exceptional results.

Time Reverse

A treatment to restore youthful radiance and luminosity to your complexion. It leaves skin visibly firmer, smoother
and beautifully even. 
80 min. € 190 / 105 min. € 240

Sea Creation

Luxury rejuvenating, age preventing facial with active ingredients from the deep sea. The ultimate in self-gratification.
110 min. € 250

All facial rituals include an individual skin type analysis and are tailored to personal needs

Thalasso for Pregnancy

Thalasso for Pregnancy

‘Embrace Life’

Let us pamper you and enjoy this very special time in your life. Appreciate the luxury of relaxing and comforting Thalasso treatments especially designed and adapted for the future mother.

Sea Wrap

Fresh wrap of powdered seawater, completed with body moisturizer. Receive all the benefits of Thalasso.

Firming Wrap

Classical body wrap with espirulina seaweed extracts and application of body cream. Elasticity and firmness for your skin.

Remineralizing Relaxation

Sea mud body mask rich in minerals and oligo-elements. Relieve tension and enhance your well-being.
50 min. € 130

Prenatal Massage

For expectant mothers, a soothing personalized massage to relieve discomforts associated with pregnancy.
50 min. € 130 / 80 min. €180

Leg Revival

Refreshing exfoliation, followed by a special invigorating mask and draining massage. Energetic sensation of lightness in your legs.
50 min. € 130

Velvet Shine

Body exfoliation based on mineral salts, followed by a moisturizer. Your skin, smooth as velvet.
50 min.€ 130

Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies

According to the philosophy of Alternative and Natural Therapies, optimal health is the natural state of our body. It reflects wellbeing, peace and serenity.

Body and mind are One: As the body is treated and re-balanced, emotions are calmed while the mind relaxes. A variety of therapeutic techniques are used to discover the origin of health-related affections, allowing treatment of the source and promoting a natural self-healing process. 

Acupuncture Consultation

Global assessment based on a traditional Chinese medicine. Your therapist will elaborate a highly personalised treatment plan.
15 min. €60

Acupuncture Session

Extremely thin needles are used to stimulate strategic points of the body. Natural pain killers are awakened and the flow of inner energy, known as ‘Qi’, is rebalanced - providing immediate relief of pain and other discomforts. Sensation of calmness and serenity.
30 min. € 110

Acupuncture Consultation + Session

45 min. €150

Electroacupuncture Session

The millenary tradition of acupuncture meets the newest technologies: Pulsating electrical current is applied to acupuncture needles as a means of stimulating the acupoints in the body. The effects are anti-inflammatory and analgesic; blood flow is stimulated.Tingling and mild involuntary muscle twitches are normal and temporary effects that you may experience. It also provides a valuable aid in the treatment of chronic health issues.
45 min. € 150


The ear is a microsystem that reflects the entire body. Auriculotherapy is the stimulation of the nerves that end in the
external ear using needles and certain seeds. Non-invasive, painless and highly effective in the treatment of a variety of affections.
45 min. € 110


An ancient technique rooted in the cultural heritage of Humanity. Using ‘heat & herbal therapy’, a ‘moxa’ stick made out of artemisa and other dried plants, is burned very near the surface of the skin over specific points. This stimulates blood circulation, invigorates the flow of the inner energy (yang), dispels pathogenic influences and provides vitality.
45 min. € 110


This technique makes use of special cups to generate suction. The skin is gently drawn upwards in a vacuum over the target area. This stimulates blood flow and lymphatic circulation, reinforcing the process of detoxification. It is highly effective against cellulite and also accounts for pain relief by treating deep scar tissues in the muscles, connective tissue and muscle knots.
45 min. € 140

Laser Acupuncture

‘Acupuncture without needles’ uses low-energy laser beams to generate impulses at key acupuncture points. The Qi energy is stimulated and balanced, the body’s self-healing capacity is enhanced. Non-invasive, painless and safe, it is highly effective in the treatment of addictions, stress and anxiety.
45 min. € 180

Acupuncture Face Lift

Hair-thin needles are gently inserted into specific points on the face to stimulate both blood flow and the production of collagen. The appearance of wrinkles is reduced from the very first session; exterior facial beauty is achieved by the strengthening of internal energies.
45 min. € 140

Psych-K® Life Session

Emotional integration therapy focused on the neutralization of blockages, traumas and fears of the subconscious. The method contributes greatly in the tackling of conflict resolution; health is gained in plenitude and relaxation.
50 min. € 120


Neuro Tendon Intervention Programme Specific neuromotor programme designed to generate well-being in all aspects of life through exercise, oxygenation and dopamine and fascia release.
50 min. € 120

Medical Services

Medical Services

  • 1st Medical Consultation, € 250
  • 2nd Medical Consultation, € 150
  • 1st Psychology Coaching Consultation, € 150
  • 2nd Psychology Coaching Consultation, € 100
  • 1st Consultation with Nutritionist, € 150
  • 2nd Consultation with Nutritionist, € 100

Medical Check-Up

All-encompassing blood test to determine biochemical and hormonal parameters of all cardio-metabolic risk factors.
€ 250


Study of the genetic susceptibility to cardiovascular risks and obesity.
€ 800 


Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to acknowledge the distribution of body mass, muscle tissue, adipose tissue and water in the body.
€ 75

Cellucheck Plus

Advanced diagnostic system that focuses on the full understanding of one’s unique body composition. Highly recommended to treat cellulite and abdominal fat.


New non-invasive dermatological procedure whereby cold is applied to small areas of the body. Highly suitable for the treatment of localised fat.
€350 · per area

Virtual Mesotherapy

Aesthetic, non-surgical, completely painless and highly effective anti-aging treatment that allows deep penetration of cosmetics into the skin. This gentle yet effective massage system provides skin rejuvenation by stimulating blood microcirculation. The skin is rejuvenated as wrinkles are treated from the epidermis.
€ 300